Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crystal Clear

I collected my multifocals on Monday. I must say that I'm adjusting well to them. No pening2. If anyone wants to make glasses, I would recommend the CEO opticals at Kota Damansara. He's the first optician to explain everything to me and spent time checking my eyes thoroughly.

Last week I made onions and sausage buns. I will upload the photos later, forgot to bring today. I got the recipe from mamafami fotopages. Another of my favourite source of recipe is hanieliza. I really like making buns and cakes, I get such satisfaction seeing the dough and mix rise.

I visited my friend S this week. One strong lady. She's in the plastic surgery unit. I didn't know that HKL (GH) has reconstructive unit, the plastic surgeons reconstructed a breast from the fat taken from the tummy. I am proud that we have many good malay doctors. My late brother was in IJN and my SIL in UMMC. The doctors and nurses that attended to them were excellent. My faith in government hospitals have since been restored.

I look forward to watch TV3 Keliwon tonight, I quite like to watch these cerita2 misteri. K.Ezza, now that I know that you read my blog, I want to cerita about saka. Some people, unknowingly inherited the 'thing' and that is the sad part. Semoga Allah mengampuni segala dosa mereka yg telah pergi dan terjebak secara tak sengaja. Because they didn't know, so they didn't 'jaga' the 'thing'. And that 'thing' makan diri mereka. Doctors would categorise them as having phsycological problem (mental). Wallahualam.


  1. ehemmm...

    sebenar nya akak bersyukur kerana dapat mengenali orang macam ni.ianya satu pelajaran dan pengalaman baru yang berharga...walau pun selepas kematian dia akak demam dua hari..
    Patut lah makcik ni hidup suka menyendiri..pintu tingkap berkunci jer..anak cucu pun dia tak kasi datang..apa apa hal semua buat kat rumah anak pompuan dia...banyak misteri dia ni..tapi..apa apa pun kita doa kan agar dia elamat di sana...

  2. Hi BB,

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have my own optician in SS2, but knowing another good one is good too. I may have to get a multifocal/bifocal soon too. Penglihatan dekat dah kabur lah!

  3. Hi BB..since januari i dah pakai multifocal.!! My husband kata itu petanda i dah tua..hahaha..memangpun dah masuk Fourty One!

    have a nice weekend.