Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crystal Clear

I collected my multifocals on Monday. I must say that I'm adjusting well to them. No pening2. If anyone wants to make glasses, I would recommend the CEO opticals at Kota Damansara. He's the first optician to explain everything to me and spent time checking my eyes thoroughly.

Last week I made onions and sausage buns. I will upload the photos later, forgot to bring today. I got the recipe from mamafami fotopages. Another of my favourite source of recipe is hanieliza. I really like making buns and cakes, I get such satisfaction seeing the dough and mix rise.

I visited my friend S this week. One strong lady. She's in the plastic surgery unit. I didn't know that HKL (GH) has reconstructive unit, the plastic surgeons reconstructed a breast from the fat taken from the tummy. I am proud that we have many good malay doctors. My late brother was in IJN and my SIL in UMMC. The doctors and nurses that attended to them were excellent. My faith in government hospitals have since been restored.

I look forward to watch TV3 Keliwon tonight, I quite like to watch these cerita2 misteri. K.Ezza, now that I know that you read my blog, I want to cerita about saka. Some people, unknowingly inherited the 'thing' and that is the sad part. Semoga Allah mengampuni segala dosa mereka yg telah pergi dan terjebak secara tak sengaja. Because they didn't know, so they didn't 'jaga' the 'thing'. And that 'thing' makan diri mereka. Doctors would categorise them as having phsycological problem (mental). Wallahualam.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Of dreams, doa and hope

I went to bed early at 10 with a heavy heart and head. Didn't even finish TV3 Keliwon coz it's a bit boring this week. As I'm writing this, a dear friend of mine, S is undergoing surgery due to the dreaded big C. She was in high spirits yesterday and that's good. She's the third in my batch who's got it. The other two are doing fine now, so I hope and doa that S will as well. Doa is a really powerful thing.

I woke up at 5 am this morning. I dreamt of my late mother, in our kampung house. I didn't read Yasin for her last night. Every now and then, I do dream of my late parents and brother. I was told that the departed souls can also doa for us. My late brother passed away in Jan last year, followed by his wife 8 months later, in the month of Ramadhan. She had succumbed to cancer. They went for Hajj end 2007, everyone thought that my brother would be the one taking care of her. Holy Mekah is indeed a land of miracles, my brother had a heart attack there and my SIL was the one who took care of him. Alhamdulillah they both completed the Hajj. It's probable that after my brother's passing, my SIL lost her pillar of strength as her health deteriorated after that. I think theirs was true love indeed, always together forever. They were laid next to each other. They left behind 4 children.

All that is left is just memories. When they were courting, my cousin and I were the chaperones lah. Went mandi laut at Batu Feringghi, makan celur2 (steamboat) at Padang Brown. There can eat ABC with a big scoop of ice cream. I have yet to find nice ABC like before, or maybe cause it was hard to come by in the old days that made it so sedap.

Today I want to make some onion buns to bring for AQ1 tomorrow. It's her sports day. I'll tell you all about it next week. I'm in a better mood to cook because I heard a good news regarding first formers in the school. They now finish their prep at 10, lights off at 10.30pm and on again at 6 am. AQ1 was talking about quitting school coz she could not stand the late night (11.30) and waking up at ungodly hours such as 4.30!! I could sympathise with her coz I would cry too if I had to wake up at that time. Actually, on weekdays, I'm worse than my kids, I wake up after them. When AQ1 was in Std 1, she actually woke me up every morning!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

This and that

It's now lunch time. I made 3 pieces of french toast this morning so am not going out for lunch. I may have Maggi later, been a long time since I had one. Almost every morning I will buy teh tarik from the shop below. I find food is getting more expensive, kalau sedap sangat tu tak pa juga. Tonight I will make ayam masak lemak cili api. My maid normally cooks for the kiddies only and I will make the main dish for dinner. I like cooking, provided that I don't have to do the dishes. My hubby doesn't like eating out sebab lunch dah makan kat luar. He's not fussy, asal ada something pedas macam sambal tumis dah cukup.

When I was doing my A levels, once I went to Cardiff. Shana, if you're reading this, I know a few of the R*C boys that you once mentioned in your blog. I liked them, coz they were very gentlemanly. I was staying in a hostel so I didn't know how to cook at all. I wanted to help, so Ra*in asked me to kopek bawang putih and I ended up kopek a few labu..Syish..I have come a long way.

Nowadays I find myself myself just skimming the newspaper. Malas nak baca. Tak habis2 dengan politik and power struggle. We are facing a very bad economic downturn and the politicians are busy fighting. The only newspaper that I read cover to cover is Mingguan Malaysia, especially Panca Indera..he..he..maybe I'm becoming shallow, but at least it doesn't leave me with a headache!

Some of my male friends are making so much fuss about that female YB with naked photos of her being circulated around. Personally, I don't think she's done anything immoral, she's single and it's not against her religion. BUT...her weakness is that she got caught. I think it must have been done by someone once close to her. I mean, the photos shouldn't have got out, if she can't manage that someone, how is she supposed to manage her constituent...

Right now, telinga I ada rasa panas sikit. People in the office talk very loudly about politics. Sigh...I'd better keep my mouth shut or I will lose some friends. I am the minority here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My weekend

Since hitting the bigh four oh, I have started having problem reading especially when I'm wearing my contact lenses. On friday, I went to make multifocal spectacles. Hmm..they're quite costly, but I hope my headache will disappear soon. But the optician did tell me that it will take me about 2 weeks to get used to them. The optician spent 1 hour checking on my eyes, he even checked my eyes. My iris (if i hear correctly) are big and don't shrink easily. That's why I tend to get headache when sitting in the hot sun too long. The spectacles will be ready in about 1 week's time.

Hubby and I usually go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, without actually mentioning the word Valentine. This year, we didn't cause he was busy working on his laptop the whole weekend. I was busy cooking the whole day, I made cinnamon buns and sausage buns. Been a month since I baked anything, no mood, sebab kept on thinking of AQ1. Then bila ada free time, I turned into a very garang tutor. Maybe I should send my bill to my husband.

AZ1 didn't make it to the football team. Kesian pula I tengok dia coz he really minat football. So we told him to go and see the teacher and ask him to reconsider. AZ1 is already red belt taekwondo, I think they call it pooms. My hubby always talks to him about football. Sometimes I forget that he's only 11, so I expect more from him. Good thing that hubby is more easy going with him. I always compare my kids to me dulu2, but I have to remind myself that they are not me, and this is different era altogether.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My eldest son - AZ1

AZ1 will be 11 next month. Right now, I'm fuming at him. Yesterday, I found out that he walked home after the football try out with my neighbour's sons. I didn't even know about the try out, then the kakak driver gave them a scolding for walking home and not informing her. Memang patut dia marah.

Last night, Kas my neighbour talked to me. My son and her sons have on a few occasions being going to the shop near our house straight from school. Kena cross jalan to go to the shops and anything can happen, especially in KL ni. Dia memang kena dengan I this morning, baru terkeluar rahsia that once he even brough AZ2 along!!

I also told my maid off for not telling me..Am I being too protective? Even nak pergi playground depan rumah I make my maid go with them. My kids go to Kafa on most afternoons, except bila ada co-co or they call and said they are too tired. Everytime I go and take report cards from the ustazahs, they complain about the same thing. AZ1 is too playful although he has the brains. Of course they compare him to AQ1 and AQ2. Sigh...

Other than the maid, AZ1 is always the first one up, weekdays or weekends, but he's also the first to bed. So he must really tired himself out at schools. My kids are only allowed to play PS2 on weekends. The family room upstairs is just next to my bedroom. Just last month I was woken up at 2.30 by some noise outside my room, guess what, AZ1 putting on PS2. Told him to sleep, then again woke up at 3.30!! This time claiming dia salah tengok jam.

Some Photos

These photos are taken with my handphone, my camera was my b'day present 4 years ago and doesn't take good photos indoor anymore. I have a feeling my hubby is getting me another one this year.

These are the cards that my kids made for my b'day. AQ1 shared with AZ2.

AQ1 doing her Kemahiran Hidup project. She's in Std 4, she's the most artistic in the family but really slow in doing things. She seldoms finish her art in school, selalu bring home. Then she tends to spend a few hours on it. So now i give her time frame, 1.5 hour only on art homework.

AZ2 reallly loves playing and he's quite creative. This is the jet that he made last night. Initially he wanted to be a soldier or a police officer (like my late brother). He loves playing with guns and lawan2. Now he doesn't want to be a soldier anymore because hubby told him that he must stay in the jungle to be one.

These are the cupcakes we had last weekend

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank you for the b'day wishes. We had a simple celebration i.e had dinner outside. The kids gave me home made cards, very nice, although AZ2 took 2 days to finish the card. I belum pandai nak download gambar onto the blog lagi. Hubby has not given me anything, belum ada idea he's ok.

My spa session started at 2. Mula2 that energy chamber, I was supposed to sit in it for 20 minutes. It's like a big tempayan with lots of steam coming out. Similar to sauna I think. I could not relax in it, coz certain parts of my skin felt so hot. Only tahan for 15 minutes, why, because without thinking that morning, I had applied some slimming gel on my tummy and hip. That gel react to heat..that's why i tak tahan. After that the body scrub, second time in my life, I think the one they did at Mustika Ratu was better. Then a quick shower, then a 1 1/2 hour massage. That was good. The indon lady who did the urut kept on burping coz she said my body banyak does that work..Anyway, the energy chamber really exhausted me out, I fell asleep during the massage and I sweat a lot too. I even slept very well that night, macam after exercise. But it is costly I think for just 20 minutes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

6th February - I'm 42!!

Today is my birthday and I'm 42 years young!

My hubby's b'day was 6 days earlier and we have not celebrated yet, not even a cake. Birthday present pun tak ada. So since AQ1 is coming back this weekend, I've ordered some pretty cupcakes to be picked up this afternoon. I would have ordered from Zaitgha but she's too far and I'm ordering from her for AQ1's b'day. I have not bought anything for hubby as he's always telling me not to do any shopping now, wait after June as things may be cheaper then. But I really hope he gets something for me...

The spa that I usually go to, is giving me a 60% discount for my b'day. So that's what I'm treating myself to this afternoon. A scrub, energy chamber (apa tu??) and a massage..bliss.. Now every 2 or 3 weeks I have to send AZ1 to the mosque on fridays. He is not yet 11 but already in the adolescent years. A few weeks ago, I saw that he shaved already!! It's very awkward, to me lah. Now I only have 1 child yang still cute and boleh gomol2!