Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9th March-Happy Birthday AZ1!!

11 years ago, he came into this world in a very memorable way. I could even remember what I had for lunch that day. I was beginning to have some light spotting a few days earlier. I was too tired to go out for lunch, so my colleagues tapau some food for me. You see, I always drive right towards the end of my pregnancy. My hubby works right in the middle of KL and I in PJ.

Suddenly around 3 pm, my dress felt wet, I thought my waterbag broke. It was fresh blood! I was so scared, called my gynae, Dr HA and he told me to go straight to the hospital. I could not contact my hubby as he was in a meeting and he didn't own a handphone at that time. My colleagues really panicked. 2 of them drove me to PMC, as I was walking out, I left a trail of blood on the carpet, on the chair. We had to put a lot of old newspaper on my car seat. They had to do emergency C-section on me. I cried when the gynae asked me to mengucap. My colleagues were still trying to locate my hubby. As it was emergency, it was full anesthesia. AZ1 came into the world at 4.32 pm.

I was still very groggy when I woke up later. The room was full with my relatives and hubby's who came all the way from Melaka. I saw my son and didn't feel anything. I always never feel anything towards all my newborn babies. I only was fully awake the next day, the nurses gave me a sponge bath (it's in the itemise billing!). I felt dizzy coz I lost a lot of blood but felt no pain at all. The anaesthetist was really good.

The gynae said I had stg like vericose vein in the womb. As the baby's head pushed down, the blood vessel had a rupture. Luckily he was able to locate the place or I could have lost my womb. The doc said even the nurses were worried. In the initial months, sometimes I worry if AZ1 was really mine, coz my hubby wasn't around to see him arrive. What if he had been switched! As he grows, I know he's mine. Part of his name was in honour of my hubby's late brother who passed on a few months earlier of nose cancer.

I managed to breastfeed him for 1 month. Comparing him to AQ1, he was much easier to care for. Bibik liked to feed him well as she liked it when people commented on his tembam cheeks. He was a very cute and chubby baby. Now he's grown into a handsome, tall (ni bias ni..) and sometimes naughty young man. Since his b'day, he's been studying harder than usual, maybe it's because he's having exam this week.

Children bring us so much joy and worry at the same time. We worry about them all the time, worry about their future etc etc...This must be how our parents felt before.


  1. banyak betul orang menyambut hari jadi bulan ni..

    Happy birthday to yr son..and to you too...being a mother for the first time....

  2. Happy belated birthday to AZ1. My son Ali pun celebrate birthday on 25th this month, i.e. today.

  3. trauma nye Jah! Manalaaaaa husbandyou????? sure panic masa tu kan. Nasib baik you were not alone though.

  4. Hi Lady, noticed your unusual callsign, I love it, "busybody", ha ha.
    Hope you are doing well, everything okay.
    Best regards, Lee.

  5. Hi BB,

    It's been awhile since your last posting. I do check everyday kot-kot ada new updates.

    Hope life is well with you and the family. Take care!

  6. hi 9 th march date very great day bacause this is beautiful

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